Prestige Express Mixer Grinder


Prestige Express Mixer Grinder is a compact multi-purpose mixer grinder which takes up very little space in your kitchen to perform massive tasks. Grinding and blending are made possible in 2 different multi-purpose jars of varying size. It comes with lids to store away your blended smoothies, milkshakes, juices and masalas conveniently, again saving you on space with lesser articles being used up.

Cleaning the multi-purpose jars is very easy. There is no need to give a serious thought on which jar to pick for your grinding and blending purposes. Pick any size and go for it. The multi-purpose jar aids in grinding a variety of spices and herbs to lend fresh flavours and aroma to your dishes. Dry and quick grinding of masalas encourages in creating dishes in a jiffy with total command and confidence.  

Use this express mixer grinder for perfect results for a healthy morning start with a fusion of blends. Its quick push start functioning makes it a unique appliance where in there are no buttons required to operate.

It is exclusive, compact, quick, easy and not to forget, it is an extremely user-friendly appliance.


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