Prestige AKH 600 MS Chimney


A smoke-free kitchen at the wave of your hand Prestige AKH 600 MS Chimney is the latest kitchen hood with special features to look after your kitchen. It is equipped with gesture control feature, wherein with the motion of your hand from left to right can get this chimney into robust operation. With continued waving towards the right direction, its speed progresses from one to three. The 3-speed control makes it thoroughly efficient for a smoke and odour free kitchen. Waving your hand from right to left switches the chimney off. It has a wide 60 cm coverage over your gas stove with an enhanced suction capacity to be able to breathe clean air in your kitchen. Thermal auto clean feature conveniently clears the chimney of the accumulated grime that has been sucked up during the cooking process. Stainless steel baffle filters help to filter the smoke and grime-laden air efficiently. Its stainless steel oil collector traps the oil from the sucked up air. Its durable stainless steel body makes it easy to maintain to keep the chimney looking new for many more years. The PVC Duct pipe makes it hassle-free to throw out the sucked air.



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