Prestige Yogurt Maker

For the first time in India, presenting the Prestige Yogurt Maker, a revolutionary partner for your modern-day kitchen. The Prestige Yogurt Maker, not only takes care of all your yogurt making needs, but also looks stunning while doing so. A perfect tool to stir up a healthy salad, raita, lassi and much more. It comes with seven containers, so that you can experience effortless yogurt making and fresh yogurt everyday.

The Prestige Yogurt Maker comes with 7 ultra durable glass jars offering highest quality which can be used to make 7 different delicious flavours at the same time. It's easy to use as it features a big handle with a space of 1.4 litres in one go.
At first, boil the milk and let it cool for a few minutes after which add a few drops of lemon juice or curd into it. Pour the milk into the glass jars and place them in the yogurt maker. Now, place the lid and switch on the button. Wait for 6 hours and your yogurt is ready.