Prestige Breeze Gas Stove

Prestige Breeze is a uniquely designed gas table with a frameless body. Make everyday cooking a better experience with this ultralight gas table. The high-efficiency brass burners ensure long-lasting performance with effective and economic LPG usage. The burners are well spaced out wherein you don’t bump the utensils into each other during cooking and maneuvering them around. The jumbo burner speeds up cooking when the need arises. The toughened glass top is scratch and break resistant giving you the experience of carefree and confident cooking. It is easy to maintain and remains as elegant as ever. Every burner is provided with an additional drip tray for ease of cooking and cleaning.


The frameless body allows you to reach out and clean up real easy with a few swipes of the cloth with ample space underneath. No crumbs or spillages or remnants can escape your notice with this uniquely designed gas table. Enjoy cooking with Prestige Gas Tables with 2, 3 or 4 (GTB 02, GTB 03, GTB 04) burners providing a breeze through cooking experience as per your requirements.


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