Prestige Kitchen Hood AKH 600 MSS


Enjoy a smoke-free kitchen at the wave of a hand. Store your favourite cooking ingredients that you frequently reach out to on the storage platform of this splendidly designed kitchen hood. The toughened stainless steel exterior of the chimney makes it tough and robust. The revolutionary motion sensor gets the powerful suction capacity into action with the wave of your hand. Waving your hand towards the right increases its speed and when waved towards the left, the speed declines and gets switched off. It has a 3-speed control that ensures to use the right amount of energy for the kind of dish being cooked, conserving energy.


The kitchen hood has its vents designed at an angle, making it more effective than the conventional hoods, wherein the smoke and vapours are drawn or sucked in more effectively making this angular suction very special. The suction capacity being 1100 square meter per hour, ensures your kitchen environment to be healthy, hygienic, and clean. The heat resistant tempered glass on the front of the canopy adds elegance, durability, and comfort in cleaning.

The stainless steel baffle filter effectively eliminates smoke and grease particles. These make cleaning easy too. The thermal auto-clean feature makes this kitchen hood a coveted one, where heat is used to get rid of greasy particles. Cleaning has never been so easy with this kitchen hood.


Prestige Kitchen Hood AKH 900 MSS is another variant to choose from. This has broader coverage to ensure a smoke-free and healthy kitchen. It is equipped with all the other features described above.


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