Prestige Kitchen Hood AKH 600 MSG


Prestige Kitchen Hood AKH 600 MSG comes with an attractive slant design adding glamour to your kitchen. It keeps your kitchen smoke free and healthy with its angular suction technology where the vents are designed at an angle to suck up fumes effectively at a suction capacity of 1100 square meter per hour. The turbo suctions springs to action with the wave of your hand increasing speed with a 3-speed control. The motion of the hand towards the right progresssively increases the speed and from right to left, decreases the speed to getting it switched off.



The Automatic Glass Slider opens up once the chimney is switched on, to get the powerful suction to effectively remove the grease and smoke. The stainless steel oil collector collects the oil that has been sucked up for easy disposal making cleaning and maintaining a easy task.

This particular kitchen Hood (AKH 600 MSG) is a boon in your kitchen in that it is a auto-clean chimney. The thermal auto-clean feature uses heat to get rid of the sticky oil particles keeping your kitchen clean without grime. Welcome the next generation kitchen hood with gesture control feature with a lifetime warranty.


Pamper your needs with the availability of another model Prestige Kitchen Hood (AKH 900 MSG). This gives you the advantage of a broader coverage as per your gas stove, having all the other mentioned features as AKH 600 MSG.


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