Prestige Grain Grinder


Freshly Grind Your Flour For Every Meal
  • Quick and easy 
  • Classic Wooden Finish
  • Adjustable Settings
  • For All Types of Grains
Preserve nutrition and grind to the level desired right at home with the new Prestige Counter Top Grain Grinder. Whether it is rice, pulses, wheat, chickpeas, oats or millets, prepare your delicacies with freshly ground grains and have complete control with variable settings. The powerful grinder can process 3 - 5 Kgs of grain per hour, giving you ultimate quality with ease. Just make sure the grins are dried.
Accessories -
Blower to eliminate residual power from the inner part.
Brush to scrub the insides of the flour outlet after use.
Outlet cap to block the outlet when not in use to prevent pests and dust from entering.