Share Your Love with Prestige


At Prestige, we have thoughtfully designed the kitchen in a box and build your kitchen sets to fulfil varied needs in your kitchen. All the Products that you need to prepare wholesome and healthy meals for your family are included in these packs.

The gift packs offer you an array of cookware, that are endowed with various features

  • Non-stick coating

  • Hard Anodised cookware

  • Stainless steel makes for durability and style

  • Gas or Induction compatible.

The cookware of various sizes and shapes are put together to provide a complete cooking solution for your kitchen. Typical bundles will include

  • Induction starter packs which include an induction cooktop, a pressure cooker and a tale.

  • 3 Piece Cookware sets which include two, fry pan, and kadhai.

  • 5 Piece Cookware sets which include a two, 2 fry pans, a kadhai and a casserole.

  • 6 Piece Kitchen in a Box sets which include an away. a frying pan, 2 kadhai’s a sauce pan and a handi.

  • Special promotion packs for our various ranges like granite, exclusive, dura plus, hard anodised or omega deluxe.

Each pack is designed to give maximum value to our customers, keeping in mind the benefits of the particular range that are the being bundled in the gift pack. The best part is that the package comes at a very attractive price vis-a-vis individual product prices.

These packs are ideal for gifting during the festive season or as corporate giveaways, ensuring that you are always remembered in the kitchen and the dining table.