Prestige Spotlight Pressure Cooker Festival Update


Did you know - TTK Prestige sells 1 pressure cooker every 6.5 secs - thats about 50 lac pressure cookers in a year! What started as our first flagship product in 1959, today we have over 140 models of pressure cookers to choose from!


Prestige Smart Kitchen the exclusive brand outlet brings to you the Spotlight -TTK Prestige Pressure Cooker Festival from 10th March to 10th April 2017. Where we are showcasing our latest innovative, modern, smart range of pressure cookers. You can now walk into your nearest Prestige Smart Kitchen store and educate yourself about pressure cookers and pressure cooking and get to know a lot of interesting information and trivia about our flagship products - the pressure cookers.


Visit the store and Explore

Witness the widest range of Prestige Pressure Cookers under one roof, touch and feel and get demos of all your wishlist cookers. Get to choose from 140 pressure cookers starting from Deluxe Alpha to Clip On and Microwave pressure cooker, each serving a different purpose. You also get to experience the ease and convenience of the clip on universal lid. Not only this you can get your old pressure cookers serviced for free.

You will be assisted by the Sales associates who will inform you about which of these pressure cookers suit your cooking needs the best, which base best compliments your cooking style and also many other interesting facts about Prestige cookers that you had never known before. You will also be given a buying guide that contains step-by-step instructions on how to buy the perfect pressure cooker. So hurry up and rush to the nearest Smart Kitchen Store and discover a wide variety of options from Pressure Cookers. And in case you get tempted to buy any pressure cooker, there are many other attractive offers too.

  • You can get your old Pressure cookers exchanged for the new ones at a discount of upto 30%*.

  • Get a tadka pan free on purchase of a Hard Anodized/ aluminum/ stainless steel Pressure cooker *

  • Get a Omega Deluxe granite Omni Tava with a Clip-On pressure cooker *

  • This is not all. You can also buy our products on EMI if your make a purchase worth 5000 or more in a bill *


Where can you visit a Spotlight store?

You can attend the Spotlight event in select Prestige Smart Kitchen stores across 48 towns and cities Find  a spotlight store near you at our store locator.


*Refer to the price list available at the store for full details


Indeed small things matter a lot ! Dote on the parts for maintenance.

The weight valve and assembly, safety plug, visual pressure indicator, gasket, handles all of them need some servicing from time to time. A little care and maintenance will ensure your Prestige pressure cooker stays your loyal kitchen partner for life.